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Former Slay Queen Narrates How Slay Queens Use Black Magic & Their Menses To Get Rich Men And More (Video)

A former slay queen reveals how they use black magic in their private part and menses to cook for rich men to get more gifts and money from them as she tells her story.

Speaking in an interview with Bongo Depharaa on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwoodwoo, Sandra disclosed that she started sleeping with young boys in a cemetery at the age of eight when her mother died.

According to her, her journey to Accra was the beginning of her “Slay Queen” life because she used to work in a club that had rich men and these rich men used to sleep with her in exchange for money.

She also revealed that most slay Queens out there have secret weapons they use in charming rich men into sleeping with them.

I have a group of ladies I used to work with and sometimes we will go for powers under the sea where we will be given snakes to put in our private parts so that any man we slept with will do whatever we wanted. Some of the black magic we go for come in the form of waist beads, anklets, rings, make-up, and even lipstick. Sometimes we go as far as using certain types of bread to tire our waist to prevent some men from ejaculating especially when we dislike them

she said
Miss Sandra went ahead to add the 5000 men she slept with included MPs, Musicians, drug lords, fraud boys, Occultist, and more.

She added that young ladies must be more prayerful and careful of the kind of men they dated.

She also advised men to learn to stick to their wives because there is nothing special about the other women they sleep with.

Below is the video;

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