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I Have Been S#X Starved For Too Long, I Need A Man To Chop Me For Free; Lady Cries Out -WATCH VIDEO



Shockingly, a beautiful lady causes stir on social media for crying out for guys to satisfy her for free of charge.

Her plea did not go down well with some social media users who chanced on the video, having them waging their tongues around in total dismay.

It is unusual for a woman to cry out this way, her act however, shows she is really in dire need of the thing.

The  unidentified lady has pleaded with men on social media to come to her aid and chop her for free because she has been starved for long.

The lady announced that since the spike of covid-19 which eventually led to lockdown, she has never had s.#x and so all caliber of men are being given the free room to come and chop her freely.

The lady in a video she shared was sighted pouring libation to invoke the spirit of the gods to help her get a man who will satisfy her in bed.


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