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Pastor Blinks: Pastor Who Shaves Women Private Parts In His Church Angrily Walks Out Of A Live Tv Show



A Ghanaian pastor identified as Pastor Blinks who trended online after he was spotted shaving the private parts of his female church members walks out of Mona Gucci’s link up show on KANTANKA TV.

On popular Kantanka television host, Mona Gucci’s show called ‘Link Up’ on Tuesday, 20 October, she had guests like Pastor Blinks, Frank Fiifi Ghabin and Prince Elisa Osei Kofi on the show.

A video has emerged that shows the moment while Mona Gucci was seated with her guests, Pastor Blinks angrily walked out of the studio while the program was ongoing.

According to their conversation heard from the video sighted online, Pastor Blinks was angry because his fellow guests were speaking badly about him.


Pastor Blinks was heard shouting and making reference that the same issue happened to him the very first time he was called for an interview with Mona Gucci on the same Kantanka Tv and it has repeated itself again which he finds it unbearable.

Pastor Blinks detailed that in his first interview with Mona Gucci on Kantanka Tv, there were two girls around who were irritating him with their unkind gestures towards him meanwhile he has explained that his trending video is a movie he produced which he intends to expose the wrongful acts of some cruel so-called men of God in Ghana.

After Pastor Blinks walked out of the show, other guests namely: Frank Fiifi Ghabin and Prince Elisa Osei Kofi stated that he (Pastor Blinks) wants to trend again since his viral video shaving women’s private parts has stopped trending online.

Watch the video below:


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