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PHOTO of How FLOOD Water Filled a Man’s Room After Today’s Rains Causes Uproar - [SEE PHOTO]



A picture of a guy’s room that saw how flood water filled up the place causes stir on social media, having many people talking unceasingly.

Parts of Kasoa and Accra have been in the report as the flooded areas, rendering many homeless.

The rains did not only posed danger on people’s sleeping places, but also caused heavy traffic on the stretch of the aforementioned areas.

Motorists from Kasoa had to divert onto the opposite lane while others parked and waited for hours for the water to subside before they continued the journey.

We at have seen a number of photos going viral on social media, which captured room of a Ghanaian man whose identity is not known posing in his room full of flood water after the heavy rainfall.

This isn’t the first time rainfall has caused serious flood in part of Accra and Kasoa yet nothing is been done to reduce the rate at which flood occurs in such areas after some hours of rainfall.

Check out the viral photos of the Ghanaian guy posing in his room full of flood water below;

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