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SAD! Slay Queen’s A$$ Rot After Butt Surgery Goes Wrong, Cries To Doctor | VIDEO



A sad news sighted by a staff of indicates that a local slay queen who underwent a butt surgery has had a shock of her life when the surgery went wrong, leaving her with a rotting butt.

The young lady in question, Courtney Barnes, who tried to remove her large size behind but was denied so for her life.

According to the viral video sighted, Courtney who once embarked on an illegal butt injection was injected with a substance that wasn’t good for her. Luckily she swerved death by finding out she could have died if it was injected into her but muscles.

All this was revealed when she went to a doctor, live on TV, to have the butt reduced back to normal. She was informed the only way she could do so was to amputate her whole butt. Meaning to cut off her whole butt cheeks.

That option for any black woman anywhere is a no-no. Most would have said no even if it was a life-threatening situation.

Check out the video where she explains how she got the but and what she had to do to remove it at the doctors below;

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