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The Alleged Yvonne Nelson Video Trending On The Media (Watch) has sighted a photo video on a website that claims the person who wanted to sell it to them said its a tape of Ghanaian Actress-Yvonne Nelson.

According to the website the person in question send them a few seconds of what he claims to be a video of Actress Yvonne Nelson, we think it’s fake.

The amateur video shows someone who looks like Yvonne Nelson and has her physique complete n*ked with her coochie being eaten by a guy on his knee.

Interestingly, what makes the video fake to us is how the person grabs the butt of the Yvonne photo-copy in there.

We don’t want to put you in suspense, just take a look at the photo very and you can judge for yourself that the imposter in possession of the video is telling lies.



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