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Whitney Boakye Mensah Goes N@ked Before Pastors Because of Miscarriages – Video

In the wake of miracles exhibition by pastors, many abominable things are seen being carried out most so Call “Men of God”.

A clear instant is the revelation made by media, events, and entertainment consultant, Whitney Boakye Mensah.

She bares that she once stripped n@ked in front of supposed men of God due to miscarriages.

Her revelation in relation to the trending issue of social media user tagging actress Selly Galley as a barren woman.

According to Whitney Boakye Mensah, she has had 7 miscarriages and being in such situations is very unbearable.

She recounted how she visited spiritualists, supposed men of God for weird directions because she wanted to give birth.

She opined that women in marriages are pressured by families and society when they haven’t given birth after marriage.

“I have stripped n@ked before supposedly men of God that they are checking spiritually how long I have had miscarriages. I have had so-called men of God,husband of a very popular Gospel musician say that the sperm I need to give birth for the child to survive is with him. And every time unfortunately it is the women who are under pressure as if there are no mistakes with men. Mostly our own fellow women do that to us..” She said.

“If you have not walked in the shoes of waiting for a child you have no idea what Selly Galley felt yesterday,” she added.

Whitney added that the lady who called Selly Galley is not remorseful and is just apologizing because she cannot hold the backlashes anymore.

video below:

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