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70% Of Road Accident Deaths Occur On Good Roads – Road Safety Authority



Lawyer Kwame Konduah Atuahene, Communications Manager for the National Road Safety Authority has revealed that 70% of deaths that are recorded from road accidents are those that happen on good roads.

This came up after he made mention that election years record the most road accidents, most of which are as a result of speeding on good roads, although others like to blame it on increase in motorization.

He made this calculation during an interview with host, Nana Yaw Odame on the Men’s Lounge show which airs every Thursday at 9pm on your world of quality entertainment, eTV Ghana.

“If you look at the data quite closely, 70% of all the accidents that lead to deaths don’t occur on the bad roads. They occur on the good roads; the roads that are flat and marked with very good signs and all that”, he said.

According to him, the better the roads get, the more indiscipline road users become because since there are no ??potholes on the road, they see no need to slow down and drive with caution. They ignore all road signs, overtake as and when they want to and all these irresponsible actions are what result in such deadly accidents.

“The bad roads, at least from the data, create a bit of discomfort so they won’t even be forced to speed but the better or relatively good roads have turned out to be the trouble spot for us”, Lawyer Konduah further added.

He advised the general public to take extra caution when using the roads, respect all road signs and avoid overtaking so as not to fall victim to road accidents.


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