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Akufo-Addo Ready To Provide Free Transportation For Voters Come December 7th



Information currently gathered by our outfit indicates that the New Patriotic Party is doing everything possible to make it easier for their supporters to vote them into power come December 7, 2020.

We all know elections comes at a cost and that money is spent to attain the power they want. These political parties go all going to give out money, gift items among other things just to prove to their voters that they are indeed for them and will make their lives better when they come into power.

Well, the NPP has reintroduced what contributed to their victory in 2016 general elections. They are reorganizing vehicles which will convey their supporters to their various polling stations come December 7.

In order to get access, you will have to register with your mobile number. This is what they had to say to their supporters; “On 7th December, We go to the polls. NPP 2020 seeks to provide transport assistance to you so that you can exercise your franchise freely, without distress.


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