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BREAKING: 8 Died In A Head-On Collision On The Kumasi To Berekum Road



The menace of poor road networks in the country and lack of road signals always account to death from road accidents. Whiles the blame can’t be shifted on solely poor roads, drivers are too at fault from their various over speeding and wrong dodging of potholes spread on the roads. If speed limits are checked and road signs are effective, eight people coming from the Berekum municipal would have been alive today with their respective families and loved ones, but death through road accident has taken them all.

Berekum Amomaso commonly referred to as Amomaso is one of the deprived towns within the Berekum Municipal of the Bono Region. Amomaso is a strictly farming community and their major source of income is the market of their farm products. One Opel Astra taxi coming from Berekum to Amomaso was met with one mini bus Ford transit which was going to Kumasi.

The Ford transit fully loaded with passengers for Kumasi tried to swerve three potholes which was in front of him. The Ford in its average speed couldn’t hit the potholes which could have damaged the car and caused accident, so the driver tried to dodge all the three potholes in front of him by taking the lane of the incoming traffic. Once the driver of the Ford got onto the lane of the incoming traffic, he met with the taxi who was fully loaded with five passengers.

The met with their heads and as a result all three front seat of the Ford transit lost their lives on spot. The driver and the two passengers of the front seat of the Ford transit mini bus died instantly at the scene. The taxi somersaulted two times before landing in a river near the road. All four passengers in the taxi plus the driver died on the spot too. Passengers in the Ford transit sustained serious injuries and were all taken to the Berekum Government Hospital whiles the serious ones were sent to the Holy Family Hospital at Berekum. The accident occurred few meters away from the Berekum Amomaso Police Check point.

The sound of the crash was heard all over Amomaso causing residents to rush to the scene and rescue the injured ones. Police have reported to the scene making sure traffic is eased. The porthole was the main cause of the accident but if the Ford transit driver could have slowed down and used his lane and avoided dodging the porthole, all these lives could have been saved with no casualties.


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