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EC Deletes Public Access To Voters Register After Backlash



The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana has blocked public access to the entire voters register following growing backlash.

There has been no explanation for the decision but a press conference is expected in the next few hours.

A google drive link emerged on Friday, November 20, which displayed details of the over 17,029,981 registered voters.

The data could also be used to impersonate individuals for banking transactions and social media activities and other harmful cyber activities.

Experts suggested that the EC show have rather created a portal where each voter will enter his ID number to access his or her details and very privately.

It has been the preserve of political parties to have the document.

The voter’s register has never been released to the public.

The EC told that by law, the register could only be released to political parties.

It is usually exhibited for the electorate to verify their names and details.

That has already been done this year, even with the added benefit of verifying a voter’s inclusion via text.

However, not all members of the public are opposed to public access.

The decision has attracted for the EC a growing queue of praises.

Some say it deepens transparency and eliminates the fetish partisanship parties attach to the register.

Watch how a hacker could use your personal data from the CNN video below:


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