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EPA Boss stops work on Ashaley Botwe’s ‘Tower of Babel’



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Henry Kwabena Kokofu has ordered construction works on a building famed on social media as Ashaley Botwe ‘Tower of Babel’ to come to an immediate halt, reports.


The EPA boss who visited the building site this morning after images of the building surfaced on social media over the weekend disclosed in an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on Accra-based Peace FM that the owner of the building does not have an EPA license to put up such a structure.

“Kwame, with my initial observation, the building needs to be pulled down. I have ordered them to stop work as they do not have an EPA permit but without any professional structural assessment, you don’t need to be told that this building needs to be pulled down.

I have asked the owner to come to our office but one thing is for sure that the building will be pulled down.” He stated.

The Ashaley Botwe ‘Twin Tower’ first surfaced on social media after a citizen, one Yaw Pare posted on his Facebook timeline with the caption 

“Saw this babel looking tower yesterday on the School JunctionRoad, wondering if I am the only one with Heblews concerns abt it or I shouldgo to Jalamia?

But on a serious note it looks like something with a distorted structural integrity. Anyway let me go find some landscape picture to take and”.


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