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Fans React As Actors Charles Awurum, Mr Ibu Engage In Heated Argument (Video)



A video of Nollywood actors Charles Awurum and his friend John Okafor popularly called Mr Ibu having a strong argument has left fans confused.

Many people wanted to know if they were joking while others expressed their disappointment at the actors' behaviour.

In the video that was shared on their individual Instagram pages, Mr Ibu was in a room with a young man and woman. While they were talking, Charles barged into the room and went straight to Mr Ibu.

Pointing an accusing finger at him, the actor told his friend that he did not like what he did while asking him the reason he would do such a thing.

Confused, Mr Ibu asked his friend what he was talking about but Charles did not answer him as he kept on accusing him.

While the men were having the argument, the two people with Mr Ibu tried to pacify them but they did not answer. Charles later tried to hit Mr Ibu who quickly dodged his hands.

In the caption that accompanied Mr Ibu's video, the actor revealed that his misunderstanding with his friend took place at Asaba while noting that he is still surprised at his friend's actions.

Watch the video below:

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Is this what the world wants?

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