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Funny Face Baby Mama Is Set To Deliver Another Twins For Him – WATCH VIDEO



Papa Kumasi has revealed that Ama Vanessa, Funny Face‘s baby mama is expecting another twin babies for him.

Popular Kumawood actor, Papa Kumasi during speaking on the whole Funny Face and his baby mama’s saga detailed that they should try and solve their misunderstanding because they’ll be parents of four children pretty soon. has reported when Papa Kumasi made some revelations and admitted that he indeed linked Vanessa to Funny Face.

According to Papa Kumasi who linked the two estranged lovers together, what Funny Face and Vanessa are passing through now are something that can happen to everyone in life.

Papa Kumasi stated that Funny Face somewhere in 2019 complained to him concerning Vanessa’s acts but he didn’t take sides because in every house, there is one or more problems.

Papa Kumasi again revealed that Vanessa is expecting another set twins for Funny Face and asked them to cease fire because of their four kids’ sake.

Papa Kumasi also said that he has advised the two especially that of his ‘daughter’ Vanessa but since Funny Face is the man in the family, he was still talking to him.

Papa Kumasi detailed that Vanessa is heavily pregnant and will be expecting new twin babies after already being the mother of Ella and Bella.


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