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Incoming Anas Exposé Is A Messiah To Ghanaians.

Seen by many as a controversial undercover Journalist who has come under criticisms for his style of journalism has left a mood of suspense over the ruling New Patriotic Party over an alleged exposé been in the pipeline which is mainly centered on the donations and spendings that went into Covid19 fund.

His exposé yet to be aired is a savior to unravel and unveil political mysteries that has been a worry to many Ghanaians.

Anas exposé which is hugely characterized by uncovering the truth into the rot and rut in a particular area, has now targeted the dealings and spendings that went into the Covid19 fund.

The exposé is purported to light the dark aspects of the spending that went on at the blind side of Ghanaians.

Ghanaians will love to see the inside truth of the Gh¢ 54.3 million purported to have been spent on cooked food to support Ghanaians during the lock down period both in Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi.

Whiles this will be genuine call for many Ghanaians to know what really transpired, the New Patriotic Party is living in suspense if any of their dealings were truly incriminated or otherwise.

Lamentations were all over the country when the finance minister gave out such herculean figures, but it will be sweet for the ruling party to come out clean.

Then the presidents and his cabinet members disposition of been incorrupt will be clearly vindicated and that will defame the popular notion of the NDC’ claims of Nana Addo’s government been corrupt, been family and friends, full of scandals and ultimately been dishonest.

His exposé is just perfect for the current happenings in the country.

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