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MP Filmed Squeezing The ‘Nyash’ of Another Female MP While in Parliamentary Sitting -[WATCH VIDEO]



Interestingly, a video seen by saw MP doing something odd to another female MP while parliamentary proceedings are ongoing.

The video has fast gone viral having many reacting to it in shock and disappointment.

A trending video that has caught the attention of many social media users shows two MPs doing the dumbest thing while in a parliamentary sitting.

The video captured a male MP squeezing the backside of a female MP while she was doing a presentation in the house.

According to Nigerian Blogger Tunde Ednut, that is the level of insanity in the Nigerian political system but they want to regulate social media.

He wrote:

“See the people we sent to legislate for us. How can a country move forward with all these bullshit? Is this right place to be doing this shit? That’s why they want to regulate social media, so we wouldn’t expose them.”

Some social media users shared their opinion on the video. They seem not to be happy with the act.

Here are a few reactions:

§  “When the ass is all in your face. 😂It’s only right to give her booty rubs 😩. He a freaky man I’m sure. Lol

§  This is pure s3xual harassment 🙄 it’s either the woman sue him or we take it up personally because I’m sure she doesn’t understand what’s going on 🤔 after all they’ve not been destroying beds before 🤣😏

§  Dis County na Devils workshop

§  Nor be another person wife that man dey rub her yansh so?? Na wa

§  Many are mad,few are roaming o

§  This is 2 hours I saw this post, I still dey reason am 🤔🤔🤔🤔 God I better pass this people naaaa”

Watch the video below:


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