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Mysterious Things Discovered On The Missing Police Inspector Found Dead in a River -[SEE PHOTOS]



An eyewitness to the dead body of the missing police officer found dead in a river has made shocking revelations, reports.

The young man who saw the decomposing body of the late Police Officer Inspector Adamu in the river told Captain Smart what he saw in the pocket of the late Police Officer.

He made this revelation after Nana Captain Smart questioned him what he saw exactly after he visited the river on Angel TV this morning.

The young man explained that when the body was retrieved from the river, it was in a decomposing state with maggots coming out from his body.

The police Placed their Hands in his pocket and found his mobile phone still hidden in his pocket. They picked it out and took pictures.

Inspector Adamu got missing for days. He was declared missing by the Ghana Police Service. He was announced dead after been found floating in a river in a village.

The Police is still making investigations as to what exactly triggered the unfortunate situation for the Ghana Police Service, his family, and the Nation.

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