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Peter Kiplangat Kigen; Drama As Man Declared Dead ‘Resurrects’ Inside Mortuary [PHOTOS]



A shocking but true unfolding of events. A man identified as Peter Kiplangat Kigen resurrected at a hospital in Kenya after he was taken to the mortuary section by the health facility.

Medics at Kapkatet Hospital in Kericho County were forced to scamper for safety after a man who had earlier been declared dead woke up screaming in the morgue.

Quoting his uncle, a report by Citizen TV indicated that, Peter Kiplangat Kigen had been rushed to the hospital by his family collapsing at his home on Tuesday morning, November 24.

Upon arrival at the facility, a medic is said to have pronounced him dead upon arrival.

After the pronouncement, Kigen was later transferred to the mortuary wing of the same hospital and assigned an attendant.

The attendant is said to have kicked off the process of preparing the body for preservation by making an incision on his right leg to infuse formalin.

The man is said to have screamed in reaction to the pain of the incision forcing the people who were around to scamper for safety.

The attendant later wheeled back the patient to the hospital where first aid was administered to him.

He was later transferred to the hospital casualty section where he is reportedly recuperating well.


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