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See What Man Did To The Body Of His Dead Wife On Their Way To The Mortuary That Gets Everyone Talking -[SEE PHOTOS]



The Internet has made many do the unspeakable and they don’t know. Many live their lives on the internet as though if it were not existing, their lives would end.

A man whose wife died mysteriously after being a little sick for a few days has done what many dubbed as unacceptable after he uploaded the picture of himself and the dead body of his wife while taking her to the Mortuary in a car.

The man appeared to be cuddling and caressing the dead body of his wife while wrapping his arm around the neck and down to the chest of the said woman.

The man appeared sorrowful obviously because of the death of his wife but still had the time to take one last selfie with his wife.

Though the incident was a painful one many people expressed shock at seeing how the man is allegedly mourning his wife, and especially, he also uploaded the picture on social media for everyone to see.

He doesn’t have to do that, he ought to mourn his wife in a much better way and even if he felt that he had to take one last picture with his wife, he should have just kept to himself instead of uploading it on social media, my opinion though.

It’s bad enough that she died but extremely unacceptable to mourn her this way. There are better ways to mourn the dead but displaying a dead body like this should not be part.


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