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Should This Continue? 16-Year-Old Girl Marries 65-Year-Old Man



A 65-year-old man has popped our raider after photos of his marriage to a 16-Year-Old Girl surfaced on social media and have since sparked outrage across the various platforms. 

The photos got many people reacting concerning the tremendous age difference against the little girl. As we all thought, the rate of child marriage these days was reduced only for these marriage photos of this 16-Year-Old girl to surface.

This act [child marriage] has of late been frowned upon since it has a devastating impact on children’s life particularly on the lives of girls as it robs them of their right and childhood.

Over 90% of children who are victims to this act likely to drop out of school, to become a child mother. Majority of them also die during labour since their system at that age are not fully developed for childbirth.

Age when it comes to marriage do really matters. In Ghana, child marriage is prohibited under the constitution and by law. According to the constitution of 1992, any person under the age of 18 is a child and can therefore not marry or be married off.

In the photos available to use of the marriage of the 16-year-old girl, the naive little girl is not seen unhappy but there is high possibility she was forced into it by the same parents who are supposed to protect her.

Meanwhile, no details about the bride and groom – other than their ages – are known. See the photos below; –_– And also share your thoughts on this devastating issue.


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