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“This Is Why I Have Never Been Sick In My Entire Life…” – 69-Year-Old Ghanaian Preacher Reveals His Secrets



A 69-year-old Ghanaian preacher has revealed the secrets behind his inability to ever fall sick.

According to him, his life has never been lived within the quiet walls of the hospital irrespective of how old and frail he may look.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa, he said he has always depended on the Almighty God for natural immunity against all diseases. This, he said, has helped him through prayer to be blessed with the power to cure all diseases and heal sick people.

The man further indicated that he has been a prophet and a leader of a church where there was hardly any case of a member falling ill.

“As a prophet, your job is not to declare people witches or prophesy about evil things but to show your people how to live life fruitfully and overcome all sorts of diseases”, he mentioned.

When asked about why he did not put on a mask, the 69-year-old indicated he wears it sometimes but not to protect himself from the novel coronavirus.

“This nose mask cannot protect me.

How can it protect me? It is God who protects me. I only wear it occasionally because the president says we should, and I want to set a good example for young people who look up to me”, he added.

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