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Video: I’m Not Broke And I Don’t Sell Skipping Ropes For Survival – Musician Jay D Speaks



Not long ago, Jay Dee who was famous in the early 2000s for his hit single “Alanpan”, was seen in an unfortunate condition making kind-hearted Ghanaians almost shed uncontrollable tears.

The viral video captured Jay Dee looking broke and the interviewer confirmed that Jay Dee was selling skipping ropes for his daily bread.

But surprisingly, Jay Dee has come out to debunk words in the videos making rounds that he is broke and sells skipping ropes for survival.

Jay Dee said there is no way he will be a pauper and will take to menial jobs to survive because he comes from a rich family that takes good care of him.

According to him, the ropes that were seen in the video was for his sister who runs a shop and he was in the shop helping his sister sell.

“Ask everyone around the market, I have been part of them and I’m still part of them not because I’m poor, it’s my home,” he told Attractive Mustapha.

He, therefore, begged the public to disregard the previous news describing him as damn broke.

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