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Video Of Rich Lady Teasing And Making Fun Of A Beggar On The Streets Breaks The Heart Of Netizens



Motara, a young Nigerian Twitter influencer, has been bathed with hot coals of criticism after a video went viral of her making fun of a beggar on the streets.

The lady, who was seated in her posh saloon car is seen sipping a drink from a plastic bottle. She then stops her car when she got near to a begger and pretended as though she wanted to extend a helping hand.

When the poor beggar realized that she was been called by Motara to come for the drink, she attempted getting it only for this young lady to drive off and laugh heartily at the poor beggar.

This video has got many netizens infuriated who have not hesitated a bit at bashing and to a large extent berating Motara for making fun of a poor beggar because she thinks she sees herself as a better human being.

Per some reports, these Twitter influencer has been stripped off all her ambassadorial deals and has isolated herself from public ridicule after her video went viral and the displeasure that greeted it.

Check Out Video Below:


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