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VIDEO: Rev Obofour Caught Washing His Face On His Church Member’s Face As Spiritual Direction



Somewhere in the month of May 2022, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong tried his possible best to eradicate and expose all these self-acclaimed men of God who use their status to take advantage of their congregants.

This brought many disciplines in the Christendom especially those Pastors he was aiming at, but Kennedy Agyapong put an end to his agenda of exposing these unscrupulous pastors for obvious reasons.

Back to the subject matter, Rev Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) fame has been filmed live on Fire TV whiles performing a strange spiritual direction for a man.

This spiritual direction has raised the eyebrows considering the mode of operation. Thus, Rev Obofour could be seen washing his face on his church member’s face perhaps to cast away some evil spirits tormenting him.

The FAQs is, why a man of God perform such an unhygienic direction as a spiritual direction in this pandemic era?

Watch the video below and share your candid opinion with us:


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