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VIDEO: Young Ghanaian Man Who’s An Imposter Has Been Arrested



A young Ghanaian man who’s an imposter has been finally arrested.

His name is yet to be established but according to a close source who sent us a video of his arrest, this young man has been pretending to be influential people and using their identity to extort money from innocent victims.

What he does is to create a profile of a popular person on social media and then use the account to scam people.

As the saying goes ‘99 days for thief man, 1 day for master‘. His cup is finally full as one of the people he was impersonating set a trap for him.

He was trapped and arrested just when he went to withdraw money which was sent to him by one of his victims.

We’re working hard to get the true facts of the matter, and we’ll update you all immediately we lay hands on them.

Watch the video below:

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