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Abena Cilla: Hot Photos Of Hajia Bintu’s ‘Sister’ Whose Nyash Is Causing Confusion On The Internet



Photos of Abena Cilla, another curvy Ghanaian model who has been tagged as the sister of Ghanaian social media sensation, Hajia Bintu pop up.

Mouth-watering pictures of Abena Cilla have been sighted online and she is no different from Hajia Bintu as she also has been flaunting her backside all the time online.

Every time Abena Cilla releases photos on social media, they turn to go viral because of her beautiful curvy body.

Indeed, she is another splashing wahala for social media users.

Abena Cilla has got the same nyansh as Hajia Bintu who has recently become internet darling of social media users.

Due to her body shape, she has gathered massive followers on Instagram and gets many likes whenever she posts her pictures online.

Apparently, people are comparing the lady’s backdrop to Hajia Bintu, claiming Hajia has been unseated.

They were nominated at Ghana Social Media Business and Creative Arts Awards 2020 Edition for Vibrant Instagram Account Of The Year, however, Hajia Bintu emerged the winner.

Well, lets checkout some insanely hot pictures of Abena Cilla turns heads on social media:

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