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Couple Captured B0nking Themselves In A Car In Public; Shocking Video Drops



Couple captured b0nking themselves in a car in public in a new viral video.

It appears most partners meeting at an open place has become rampant as a couple has been captured in a new video doing it with one another.

The said event is said to have happened in Accra.

In the video, the couple parked their black car right beside the road and jumped into energetic action.

Eyewitnesses took a video of them, and it has since been trending after hitting social media.

The video upon hitting online attracted mixed reactions, having many wagging their tongues in dismay. While others expressed their disappointment at the situation.

Well, the truth of it all is that it really sucks to experience such an uncultured act because there places one could easily lodge in for whatsoever reason.

Yet this couple chose to do it in an open place thinking no one was watching them as one very eye was recording the whole show.

Watch the video below;

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