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Finally The Price Of Akufo Addo’s Mini Cars To Replace Okada Revealed



Finally, the price of Akufo Addo’s mini cars to replace okada revealed.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Coastal Development Authority (CODA), Jerry Ahmed Shaib has announced that the recently acquired quadricycles cost GHS 24,000 each.

He publicized that the government procured the automobile from India as a move to control and exterminate okada from the streets.

“We have a tracking system. We also have the drivers comprehensive insurance…I bought the car ( quadricycles ) at GH¢24,000 for one from India”. He revealed when spoke in an interview on Citi FM.

Mr. Ahmed added that the state is not bent on making profits from the profitable venture despite its hefty cost. According to him, the move is to dry out the poverty level among the motor riders, create and boost more employment avenues.

Ahmed Shaib also noted that “the cash point is not for us to make any profit, but we want to empower those commercial drivers.”

Clarifying how these ‘Okada Macho’ would be operated, he said the specialized quadricycles will be given to persons who have knowledge and skills in driving on a hire-purchase basis (work and pay).

He elaborated that the specialized car is not only a profit-making vehicle but also a cleverly planned initiative of the Akufo-Addo government to drastically reduce the number of fatal accidents caused by motorbikes.


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