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[HOT VIDEO] ‘I’m The Only Human Who Knows The Past, Present And Future’- Adonai Explains Why He’s Equal To God

A young Ghanaian spiritualist who calls himself Adonai, has stormed back to make startling revelations in an exclusive interview with while speaking to Adwoa and Sammy Tuga.


Adonai claims he’s equal to God because he’s the only person on earth who knows the past, present, and future. He expanded his profile by claiming he talks to demons every day and knows the echelon they all occupy in the spiritual realms.

The young man who sports dreadlocks was speaking on the topic of demons and sexual magic. Adonai said masturbating plays a vital role in connecting humans to the demons. He says there’s no prayer that can sever the spirit of masturbation from a person.

He there a lot of sexual activities that invariably form an agreement with the demon who becomes the slave of the individual and does everything he wants for him. Watch the video below for more all that he said;


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