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Landlord Asks Woman To Leave His House For Supporting NPP



A video was seen on social media in which a landlord was sacking an occupant of his house for supporting NPP. The man was heard saying in the video that if the woman was not ready to vote for NDC she should leave the house.

He claimed he built the house with NDC money therefore he cannot house an NPP supporter. This incident happened in Dobro in the Greater – Accra region to a woman of 3 children. The woman narrated that few weeks ago, his landlord visited the house and heard her playing one of the NPP Campaign songs.

The landlord then made a statement that upon all her sufferings, she still supports NPP. He asked the woman her reason for supporting NPP, for which the woman replied that it is because of the free SHS policy by the government. She said that without the Free SHS, she cannot support her first child in High School.

The Landlord came on a different day and cautioned her to change her from supporting the NPP. On Sunday morning, the Landlord again came to the house to inquire of the woman’s decision. The woman replied that she has not changed her mind from voting for the NPP since the time is almost up.

The landlord then got angry and told the woman to pay her debt or leave the house. The woman started pleading and crying, together with her children but the Landlord started throwing their things out of the house. Other residents came around to help her and the man left. She said the Landlord has since been unreachable via his phone.

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