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Main Reason The NDC Hasn’t Go To Court Revealed



According to him, the NDC is being denied primary data (pink sheet) which will make their work easier in court.

Speaking to Komla Klutse of TV3 he said; ”we have to secure a means of going to Court. Even the means of going to court and having the chance of winning is still being blocked by the tyrant”.

So why do you want to go to court when the person who knows that when you go to court you will need A, B, C and so we are blocking your means of getting there so that you cannot go to court. And then sycophants will be sitting outside and be shouting go to court”.

”If we have to go to court about Techiman, we can only go to court to challenge the results of Techiman as declared. We are being denied even the opportunity of sighting what results were declared when the law gives an entitlement to a copy” he added.

From his statement its obvious the party wants to go to court like most Ghanaians are singing but they have challenges.

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