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Stop Worrying Fameye Or I Leave You – Ogidi Brown’s New Artist Sends Message To Him (Watch Video)



The new act of OGB Music, Crime Officer has come out with a message to his boss.

According to the new act, that was the only means he could reach him because he has stopped picking his calls, ever since he tried to advise him about this issue.

A few days ago Ogidi Brown came out saying he was going to curse Fameye for refusing to pay him what is due him per their contract.

This revived their misunderstandings once again about payment and settlement issues which have been in existence since Fameye’s departure from the label.

With all the brouhaha going on again, Ogidi Brown’s new act has come out to reveal he is not happy with what his boss is doing and has stated he will opt-out if things don’t change. He sent out this message through a social media video because he claims Ogidi Brown has refused to get in touch With him.

Video below;


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