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WATCH: Mohammed Sallah Called Out By Muslims For Posing With Christmas Tree



Mohammed Sallah Called out by Muslims for posing with Christmas tree.

Despite being a dedicated muslim, Mohammed Sallah decided to join Christians in celebrating their festive.

He received heavy criticisms from some Muslims for his act and you should be worried that It is 2020 and religion is still causing hatred across the Globe.

On Christmas day, the Egyptian star shared photos of himself and his family with a Christmas tree alongside the Hashtag #Merry Christmas.

However, his post led to other Muslims criticizing him with claims a dedicated Muslim must not celebrate anything about Christianity.

‘Today you are Christian and tomorrow you are muslim. You will explain to ur creator.

One harshly told the Footballer

Another Muslim believed to be an Egyptian also told the footballer that it is this act that makes Arsenal Star Mohammed Elneny their King and not him ‘Sallah’ as it is widely speculated.

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