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X’MAS VIBES: Wild Video Of Slay Queens Doing The Unthinkable At Pool Party Drops [Watch]



A group of cheap and manner-less slay queens were caught on camera doing the unthinkable during a pool party.

Life, regardless of the crisis many people are currently facing in this COVID-19 era, seems to be going on very well for some people in the country to host lavish parties, talk of a s.3.x pool party.

A recent trending video capturing some slay queens working their assets and having numerous sensual activities has surfaced on the internet.

And to think that there were guys applauding them makes it even outrageous!

Obviously, the party was held at a coded location and it is unknown if they were fully aware of being recorded and that the one who recorded it was somehow going to release it.

Perhaps they were so into the party and enjoying themselves that they didn’t mind being recorded in the act.

This outrageous act can be termed as the Sodom and Gomorrah type of party. It is that crazy.

Watch Video below:

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