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Amerado Employs Bodyguards After Death Threat On Live Radio



Rapper Amerado has employed the services of bodyguards after he received death threats on live radio.

Amerado’s scheduled interview on an Accra-based radio station last Monday ended abruptly over a caller’s threat.

In a call-in segment, a caller who identified himself as Paul threatened to stab and kill Amerado for using the popular cliché “I am the best rapper”.

The angry caller quizzed why the budding artiste would compare himself to the likes of Eno Barony, Teephlow and other top names in Kumasi.

The caller accused the rapper of ‘developing wings’ after his ‘Yeete Nsem’ television show gained prominence nationwide.

Tell Amerado that he is just a child. He is claiming to be the best rapper yet the likes of Eno Barony, Teephlow, and so on started this game before him. If he doesn’t take care we’ll gang up and beat him. Anytime he steps in Kumasi, he won’t like what will happen to him. Because of his Yeete Nsem program, he thinks he has seen it all. We’ll stab him if he steps foot in Kumasi.

Consequently, Amerado has employed the services of five bodyguards for safety.

He was captured on the back of one of the well-built men, bragging that he is guarded against any assassin.

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