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Bawumia In Trouble As Alan For 2024 Gathers Momentum



President Nana Akuffo Addo’s call gainst early campaigning seems to have fallen on deaf ears as  Alan Kyeremateng for 2024 campaign gathers momentum with each day passing.

Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia the Vice President of the Republic also has his eyes set on the Presidency although he is yet to make his intentions public.

Pictures of Alan Cash for 2024 are awash on social media with clear indications of his resolve to give the Vice President a run for his money.

Accompanied with one of the pictures is an inscription: He was there, He is here, He will be there 2025

Another read: Alan, the man to break the Eight.

The Eight signifies the maximum number of years each of the political parties has managed on to hold Political Power.

The inscription on the picture claims Alan Kyeremateng is the only person who can break that jinx.

Alan  Kyeremateng himself posted on Facebook: I hustled with the party footsoldiers since 1992, I knew the grievances and passion of the party footsoldiers and understood the party footsoldiers better.

Only a footsoldiers man can understand the footsoldiers language with a hashtag lets_break_the8_together.

Alan Kyeremateng had exhibited exemplary leadership supporting President Nana Akuffo Addo after losing on three occasions in the party primaries to him.

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