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Don’t Miss This Drama: Young Man Receives Severe Beatings for Hugging Another Man’s Wife With Tundra B0rt0s -[WATCH VIDEO] has seen a video going rounds on social media that saw the moment a jealous husband mercilessly beats a young man at the Airport.

Per the video, it could be ascertained that the husband did that after sensing that the hugging was too much.

Also, he might have noticed that the young is his rival, thus someone who dated his wife before.

It all started when the husband who was standing beside his wife hugged the guy intensely and over again hugged him for the second time.

The young man came back for another hug from the curvaceous woman which angered her husband.

Upon seeing that the husband did not take it lightly with him as he lands a heavy punch on him

The husband of the curvaceous woman who couldn’t hold it any longer beat the hell out of the young man.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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