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I Saw Mahama Lost The Court Case But Something Strange Happened – Islamic Cleric



The controversial mallam on Facebook who predicted in november, 2020 last year that the 2020 presidential elections will go to supreme court has come out to state again that this time, Mahama and his NDC party will lose the court case but something strange will happened later per a dream.

The Islamic Cleric, Mallam Sham-Una who is known for his major predictions since 2016 has broken the hearts of NDC on 29th, January 2021 which is not expected from him on behalf of the NDC.

Former president, John Dramani Mahama is in court challenging the legality of the election results declared by Electoral Commissioner, madman Jean Mensa on 9th, December 2020.

Mahama and his legal team has filed court case on 30th, and 31st December respectively and has been into court for almost months as January is ending.

Islamic Cleric Mallam Sham-Una has said that someone dreamt that he appeared in supreme court on the day the Supreme court judges was going to deliver the final judgement on the case.

He said it was so surprised as it happened that the nine (9) member panels of the court ruled in unanimous decision in favour of Nana Akufo-Addo and the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

He stated that after the ruling, the lead counsel of NDC was very confused and the supreme court judges were silence and NPP, and Electoral Commission lawyers were also calmed as if now before the court hearing is going to start.

He said behold, something strange happened that to a surprise that the supreme court received phone call from the whites in front of the desk instructing them that, they should order for re-run of the election because another court has ordered EC. According to explanations from the dreamer, another court has ordered the Electoral Commission to conduct the elections immediately which made all surprised.

Mallam Sham-Una who’s predictions were accurate some days ago stating that even hearing Mahama’s petition will be another problem which has come pass said the dreamer said he saw that the court ordered for a re-run between Nana Akufo-Addo, and John Mahama.

He asked his facebook followers about the meaning of whites men and another court ordering Electoral Commission on phone in the dream and just stated that they should figure it out themselves. He did not explain it into deeper.

In a simple and short statement, he said there will be a runoff which Ghanaians should expect in the coming days.

Read the full dream here and have your views on it.

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