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Shatta Wale Defiled A Minor! – Shocking Details of How the So-Called Dancehall King Defiled A Child and Escaped Punishment



Shatta Wale has let out a well hidden secret in his life that nearly got him locked up in prison for 25 years.


The dancehall icon revealed that he once upon his life met with a Jamaican girl and proposed to her not knowing she was a minor.

He disclosed that he went out to have fun with this girl then proceeded home but the girl never got to her place.

Shatta Wale made it known in the studios of YFM that the police came knocking on his door the next morning and before he could say jack, he found himself behind bars.

According to the drama king, he prayed and fasted to God to come to his aid because he had no help and was heading to court the next day for prosecution.

He added that the family of the girl came to bail him and request the matter be settled out of court.

When asked why he had an affair with the minor, knowing very well that it is a crime, Shatta defended that he was enticed by the girl who was well endowed and had features of a grown woman.


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