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Transport Fares To Go Up!



Transport operators are likely, in the coming weeks, to push for an increase in transport fares.

The likely price increment in fares come on the back of a review of prices of petroleum products sold to Oil Marketing Companies by Bulk Oil Distributors in the country.

The review will see prices going up between one per cent and three per cent, with a litre of diesel selling at GH¢ 5.05 pesewas and a gallon selling at GH¢ 22.72 pesewas.

A litre of petrol, on the other hand, will be selling for GH¢ 5.14 pesewas with a gallon going for GH¢23.13 pesewas.

The likely push in the increment of transport fares by transport operators is in view of the current convention between government and operators that should prices of petroleum products go beyond five per cent within a quarter, there should be talks for increments in fares.

Bulk Oil Distributors are expected to forward the new prices to Oil Marketing Companies this weekend for the necessary price changes starting next week.


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