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WATCH VIDEO: Moment Romantic Boyfriend Was Videoed Live By Girlfriend Busily Washing Her Undergarments, Man Runs For Cover



A viral video on social media gives an account of a proud girlfriend who captured the moment her pant-washing boyfriend was performing his duties.

In the video, this lady was sitting idle while her boyfriend was busily washing her panties with so much care, vim and vigour.

Unknown to this romantic boyfriend, his girlfriend was doing a live video and captured him while on the pant-washing duty.

This proud girlfriend said: “see my boyfriend” while she fixed the camera on him. This gentleman was not aware that he was being videoed as he asked his girlfriend whether the red pant he is washing was a G-string or lingerie.

No sooner had the camera captured this boyfriend washing these panties than he covered his face and run away from public ridicule.

Watch Video Here:


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