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Another Good News For Mahama And Tsatsu Tsikata



The 2020 election petition filed by the flag bearer of the NDC, John Mahama has witnessed lots of ups and downs since its resumption as the petitioner’s expectations have not been met.

The petitioner has unexpectedly suffered lots of rejections as his filed motions and other related documents have been dismissed by the apex court which could have had a significant effect on the ongoing election petition case at the Supreme Court.

However, one of the most talked about issues causing lots of stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms was when the Chairperson of the electoral commission was not allowed to be cross examined at the Supreme Court by the petitioner’s lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata.

With respect to this, Tsatsu Tsikata’s reselience and determination at the Supreme Court today in the presence of the Justices has brought another unexpected good news to the petitioner, John Mahama and the NDC as a whole.

Lawyet Tsatsu Tsikata took the privilege to convince the apex court to allow Jean Mensah to be cross examined after asking the Justices some confusing questions during his submission.

Below is a look at the two statements made by the lead counsel for the petitioner, John Mahama which caused lots of confusion amongst the Supreme Court Justices.

“That authority is not about the holder of a constitutional office. This is a Chairperson who determines the fate of an electoral process. In my respectful submission, that authority does not deal with such a situation”, Tsatsu Tsikata highlighted.

“That authority is irrelevant because that Authority deals with the practice of the English courts which were based n their civil procedure rules which are enactment. In this case, we are dealing with our statutory instruments”, he concluded.

These submission by the leader of the petitioner’s legal team, Tsatsu Tsikata sparked lots of confusion amongst the Supreme Court Justices which finally ended up with Tsatsu Tsikata managing to win a final ruling scheduled for Thursday, February, 11, 2021.

The final ruling scheduled on February, 11, 2021 will determine whether the Chairperson of the electoral commission, Jean Mensah testifies or not.


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