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Come Out And Tell Us Where The Money Is. – Vim Lady Opens More Fire Live On TV

Afia Pokuaa who is popularly known in the journalism domain as Vim Lady who is an outspoken lady who says her mind without fear or favour and any shred of political partiality has taken out another course as a journalist and a patriotic citizen of the land.

Live on today’s episode of United Television’s “Critical Issues”, Vim Lady who is herself the host of the said program after she had phone called the coordinator of the covid 19 trust fund congratulated him and his team for being able to provide an in-depth account of the funds received so far from donors in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

She seemed to be a bit mesmerized after realising how the covid trust fund team had been able to outline the amount received and the amount spent, but a whole government has not been able to do that on the covid support fund received from the World Bank and the covid test charges received at the Kotoka International airport.

Speaking with passion on her face, the fire pack lady pushed the NPP government led by President Akufo Addo to come out and make an account on every single covid support fund the country has received from international communities and what those monies have been used for.

“As the covid trust fund coordinator has been able to outline the total donations received and the expenses made, we expect the government to give the nation an account of what the over 1 million Dollars covid support fund received from the world bank. Come out and tell us what you’ve used all the money for” she concluded.

Is the female journalist putting pressure on this current NPP government just to win the heart of the opposition after she was accused of allegedly working in favour of the NPP during the 2020 general elections, or she is just doing her work as a concerned citizen and not a spectator?

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