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Jean Mensah Has No Business Standing In The Witness Box To Face Tsatsu.- Lawyer Baffour Awuah



The 2020 Elections petition which was expected to last for a minimum of forty two working days seems to be an impossibility looking at how things are gradually churning out.

Unlike the 2012 election petition which was based on more than 5 petitions, this current petition is hinged only in two petitions namely; votes padding and significant errors as committed by the first respondent, the Electoral Commission chair, Madam Jean Mensah.

As it was expected, the first and second respondents, the EC and President Akufo Addo were supposed to present witnesses as well as witness statements just as the petitioner did where he presented three different witnesses.

But the first respondent has turned down that particular suggestion by the petitioner to be interrogated in the witness box at the supreme court by their lawyers which the council of the petitioner is still insisting she be in the witness box.

In response to this, a private legal practitioner by the name lawyer Baffour Awuah has openly come out to speak against why the EC chair should be put to the witness box to be interrogated by the lawyers of the petitioner.

Speaking today on United Television’s “Critical Issues” hosted by Afia Pokuaa, the lawyer asserted that he sees no importance on why the petitioner’s are pushing for interrogatories on the supreme court. According to the private legal practitioner, the council of the petitioner led by lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata have in their possession all the duplicate of the pink sheets as well as the other documents that was used by the EC chair in declaring the results after which it was published on their website for public consumption.

“In my opinion, I think lawyer Tsatsu after realising they have no tangible case against the EC, just want to force out some errors from the EC chair’s own mouth in the witness box. Tsatsu is just trying to be smart”, he concluded.

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