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Kevin Taylor Sends Another Message To John Mahama



The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor has sends another hot message for the National Democratic Congress party and it’s party leader, John DramaniMahama.

Kevin Taylor who is known as the chief executive officer of loud silence radio and TV network has pissed off about what is currently going on in supreme court after NDC’s 6th application and motions were being dismissed.

Kevin Taylor who is known for punching president Nana Akufo-Addo goverment hard on corruption and always goes hard on the Presidency just because he said they are not working as expected to mother Ghana.

The giant Kevin Taylor who came to Ghana and no was able to touch him as a lot of NPP supporters accused him and dare him to come to Ghana but they were unable to do nothing to him when he came.

According to Kevin Taylor’s message to NDC and John Mahama is that he doesn’t care if Mahama won the supreme court case, but what he wanted is that there should be a fair hearing in the Court, with transparency for John Mahama and his supporters including Ghanaians who want justice to be served fairly.

This came up after the supreme court dismissed NDC’s sixth applications and motions filed by lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata on Wednesday, 3rd February 2021 and after that he sends this message to NDC on his show monitored the same day.

According to Kevin, Mahama should fight for the right thing which is his right because if the supreme court can rejects six applications and motions filed by him, meaning the court is not going to favour him per what has transpired on Wednesday.

Kevin Taylor showed a lot of social media posts from what some prominent people in the country said after supreme court rejected Mahama’s motion filed.

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