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SAD! Lil Win’s School Bus Runs Over 5year Old Girl; Kills Her Instantly

The school bus of Great Minds International School, owned by Kumawood actor Lil Win, has run over a five-year-old girl and killed her instantly.

The incident reportedly happened on the morning of Wednesday, February 17, 2021, when the bus driver had hit town to pick pupils to school.

According to an eyewitness who spoke with Adom News, the driver had stopped for the pupils to board the bus.

A collage of the actor and his school bus. Photo credit: UGC

The five-year-old girl, who was not a pupil of the school, stood near the bus to watch the other children board.

The driver, not seeing the girl, moved the car and it hit her leaving her dead on the spot.

He reportedly got off the bus and absconded on realising what had just happened.

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Meanwhile, Lil Win was in the news recently for firing his colleague Kwaku Manu for claiming that he was the one who discovered Lil Win.

Manu claimed that he was the one who made Lil Win popular and introduced him into the music industry, but pride will not allow Lil Win to admit this.

Lil Win, however, hit back at Manu and said his talent was given to him by God and so no one can claim to be behind his success.

He also said people who make such comments as Kwaku Manu made are simply jealous and envious people.


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