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Testimony: How Angel Obinim Turned Into A Cock To Save A Teacher From Snake Bite [WATCH VIDEO]

The wonders of the world will never end as a Church member of  International God’s Way Church in Ghana which is founded by Daniel Obinim gave a testimony that sent shivers down the spine of many.

In her testimony, the Church member who is a teacher in a community in the Volta region indicated that on one faithful afternoon, she was unwell and therefore had to rest under a tree on the school’s compound.

She said immediately she laid her head, a snake came crawling to where she was sleeping but her daughter who is about two years old shouted and directed her mind to the fact that Rev. Daniel Obinim had turned into a cock and had come to prevent the predating snake from biting her.

The teacher said on the night of the same day, Angel Obinim appeared in her dream and told her that he was the cock that came in to save her.

He added that the snake was sent by one woman the teacher does not see eye to eye with and that the woman intends to kill her and he came in to save her because she is his Church members.

The Angel of our time advised the woman to take good care of the daughter who saw him even when he had transformed into a cock because it’s an indication that she has a lot in stock for her from the Lord.


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