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The $150 KIA PCR Test Is Straight Thievery – Sammy Gyamfi Blasts NPP Government



National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has described the $150 COVID-19-test at the Kotoka International Airport(KIA) as thievery on the part of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) government.

According to him, the covid-19 test is an essential tool in the risk minimization in the fight against covid-19, and therefore should be cheaper for Ghanaians to easily afford.

“We in the NDC are very much concerned about the charge per antigen test [covid-19] of $150. Our investigations show that the deal and the circumstances under which that company was engaged is shady, opaque, illegal and that the terms of the transaction or the amount being charged is a rip-off”, he mentioned on an Accra-based radio station, monitored by

He further said that the charge is a deliberate move by the NPP government to steal from the people, whilst impoverishing them.

“We think what is happening is a clear case of profiteering which should not be countenance in this country. That is why we are using this vetting process to hold into account persons [Ministers] who are entrusted with the responsibility for the welfare of the people.”

“Malawi charges 25$ for antigen test, Malaysia charges $28 per antigen test and India charges $28. Heathrow per my checks; I’m quoting Honorable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa–let me commend him for the yeoman job on this–, charges $75”, he pointed out.

“There is a difference between PCR test and antigen test. PCR Test is a standard test. If you look at countries like Sierra Leone which is doing PCR test which is too expensive than antigen test at $80, Senegal is doing PCR test at $75, Rwanda is doing PCR test at $60, Djibouti is doing PCR test at $28 dollars, Germany $70 dollars, Turkey $16 dollars. So why Ghana should be doing an inferior test at $150”, the outspoken Sammy Gyamfi said.


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