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The Guy Who L£Aked S3zt@pe Of The Lautech Student Caught; Video Drops



2021 just started and a lot have started happening. From fight against Fulani herdsmen to leaking of numerous s3xtapes . Leaking of s3xtape seems to be a trend in 2021.

Yesterday, popular American singer, Trey Songz’ss3xtape was l3aked. The same yesterday, a s3xtape of a Lautech student was also leaked. The only great news for the Lautech girl is that: the guy who leaked her se3x video has been caught. He’s being identified as a “Ripper.”

In the trending video, a female student of Lautech is seen having an intense s3x with two boys in a hotel. In another video, the guy who leaked the s3xtape was caught at the management hall by students of Lautech.


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