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There Should Be A National Day Of Forgiveness For What We Have Done To JM : A Plus To Ghanaians.

Kwame A plus has been very hard on this administration in recent times for various allegations of corruptions.

It is an undeniable fact that the New patriotic party won the previous election as a result of the numerous corruption allegations that were leveled against John Dramani Mahama and some of his appointees.

This angered most Ghanaians and motivated them to vote massively against him. So the new patriotic party came into powered at the on the shoulders of corruption as such,one will be very surprised when same things they preached against are been glorified with impunity.

Despite been one of their own,Kwame A plus hasn’t treated this government with kids gloves at all. His latest criticism even reveals more about how neutral A plus is becoming and ever ready is take the bull by the horns.

According to the musician, Ghanaians owe former president John Dramani Mahama forgiveness for the allegations that were leveled against him without any merit.

He stated emphatically thay, the former president John Dramani Mahama fired madam Victoria Hammer for been caught on tape saying she will quit politics when she makes her first one million dollars.

According to him ,this was just a verbal utterance that the lady made but as honest as JM is ,he fired her to serve as a deterrent to others

He said unlike Nana Addo,he is keeping a guy who has made over 10 million dollars in 4 year in his administration.

Check the post he made below.

Corruption is indeed affecting the nation negatively and it’s needs a collective efforts if it can actually be defeated. The rate at which some few privileged individuals milk the nation is very sorrowful.

Go to the country side and you will be greeted by all sort of horrible lives that citizens live in this 21st century. Schools are been organized under trees and people share water with animals.

Bad roads all over and the worse is youth unemployment. They tell us there is no money but just few years in power, they make so much wealth which sometimes becomes difficult to be quantified.

Does the nation belong to this privileged few politicians?. Posterity will surely judge us all.


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